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Noodle Neons

Text Coffee Neon Sign

Text Coffee Neon Sign

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SIZE 80cm X 20cm
COLOUR Yellow with yellow casing



Whether you're a dedicated coffee aficionado, infusing your personal space with java-infused charm, or seeking that perfect attention-grabber for your coffee haven, the "Coffee Delight" Neon Sign adds a dash of caffeinated charm to your surroundings. Elevate your love for coffee with this iconic sign, announcing your presence in a way that's as eye-catching as it is cozy. Perfect for coffee shops, cozy corners, or any coffee-themed hangout, the "Coffee Delight" Neon Sign redefines the ambiance, making it clear that your coffee haven is open and ready to serve up some liquid happiness.


Shipping & Returns

Shipping takes 7-14 days

Returns not accepted unless faulty.


Care Instructions

This is an indoor LED sign and should not be used outside or in areas where it could be exposed to water damage misuse will automatically void the warranty.

Please also note that if any of our signs are tampered with or hardwired in anyway this will also void the 1 year warranty.

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