Battery Powered Neon Signs

Battery-Powered LED Neon Signs – the perfect solution for your convenience and creativity! Whether you're running a stall, hosting a party, or a retailer in need of a sign without power access, these signs have got you covered.

Light Up Anywhere, Anytime: No power outlet? No worries! Our battery-powered LED neon signs let you brighten up any space, no matter where you are. Set up shop at outdoor markets, throw lively parties in remote spots, or enhance your retail area hassle-free.

Easy Portability with Battery Packs: Our battery-powered neon signs are designed for on-the-go convenience. The battery power packs included make it super easy to set up your glowing display anywhere you want. No fuss with cords – just attach the battery pack and let your neon sign steal the spotlight.

Experience the freedom to light up your world with Battery-Powered LED Neon Signs. Elevate your stalls, parties, or retail spaces without the hassle of finding power sources. It's your time to shine, wherever you are!


Max size 60cm wide x 40cm height. Each sign has its own dimmer so you can control the brightness of your sign.

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