Everything You Need to Know About Wedding Neon Sign Sizing and Wedding fonts

Everything You Need to Know About Wedding Neon Sign Sizing and Wedding fonts

Choosing the right size and font for your wedding neon sign can be tricky. Let us guide you step-by-step through the sizing process to make sure your sign is perfect!


Making your wedding day special starts with picking out the perfect neon sign to light up the evening. But before you can decide on your sign, you'll need to figure out the sizing to make sure it fits within your budget and decor. From measuring and hanging techniques, to picking the best size for you space, follow our guide for a stress-free wedding neon sign shopping experience.


Determine the Right Space For Your Sign.

Before you decide on a size for your wedding neon sign, it’s important to measure the space you want to display it in. This will help you determine the right size sign to fit comfortably and create a stunning visual effect that compliments the area. When measuring, consider the height of ceilings and furniture, as well as any doorways or other obstacles that may take away from the visibility of your neon sign.


How To Select A Wedding Font And Sign For Your Wedding Neon Sign

An important factor to consider when choosing a size for your wedding neon sign is the right letter height. Generally, a sign should have letters at least 10-15cm tall for legibility at least. When choosing a font consider whether your name is fairly short or fairly long. If you have a short name you are probably best considering a tall font so that the name appears as large as it can without being too small. If you have a long name you can get away with a shorter font rather than a tall font because the overall size of your sign could be considerably big. Sizing is obviously down to the person who is buying it, you may want a big sign and if that’s the case a tall font would be fine, but if you are conscious of a budget a shorter font with a longer name would be more cost effective.


Take into Account Power Cords, Plugs, and LED Tubing Lengths

When selecting a size for your wedding neon sign, make sure to leave enough room for the power cords. These components usually requires an extra 6-10 inches of space below or beside the sign depending on configuration. Additionally, you will need to factor in the length of any plugs and/or connectors so that they will be able to reach an outlet without being visible from the front of your sign. Noodle Neons signs come with 3meter clear cord plus a 2m black cord that the plug attaches to. This means that your sign will have 5meters of cord allowance to your power source. If you need a longer cord just let us know and we are happy to offer you a longer power cord to fit your needs.


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Determine Where You Want To Place Your Neon Sign.

Before you decide on a size for your wedding neon sign, you’ll need to determine where it will be placed. Measuring the space that you want to fill is the best way to get a good idea of what size sign you should be looking for. If possible, make sure to measure both the height and the width of the area. This will ensure that you choose a sign that fits perfectly and makes an impressive statement at your special event.


Choose a Mounting Method

Flower walls / Grass backdrops with neon signs have become increasingly popular in recent years, and it's easy to see why. These eye-catching backdrops combine the natural beauty of flowers with the modern appeal of neon lights, creating a stunning and unique visual experience. But how do you attach your sign to the wall? This is a question that’s asked a lot!

We work with a lot of event companies and we have been told that people use “S” hooks/Hanging hooks or clear strong wire to attach their sign to their wedding backdrops. Unfortunately we don’t offer these but they are cheaply bought from hardware stores. It’s very important that your chosen mounting location can support the weight of your sign safely and securely. Be mindful that not all signs weigh the same and some will need more support than others.


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The above is just a guide from our experience of selling wedding neon signs at Noode Neons. This is by no means bible and there are obviously other methods out there to hang and mount your signs, but we wanted to share our knowledge and feedback with those curious about our wedding signs! If you do have any question’s please ask away!

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