Personalised Neons Signs Australia


Personalised neon signs have been so highly requested, we had to share this one below of gorgeous Hadley from Haus of Hadley. Her sign is 45cm long and she picked (her mum picked!) a tall font to create heigh in her sign and a hot pink to co-incide with her favourite colour. 

At Noodle neons you can use our neon sign generator to design your own sign. This enables you to see your name against the neon sign wall so you have better idea of what your neon sign will look like lit up. It also gives you a variety of different sizes and fonts to choose from so that you can have a play to see what fonts translate your sign best. the neon sign generator can generate up to 26 fonts and a huge range of colours.

We've found that the most popular size for bedroom wall signs are between 45cm-60cm for names and our most popular font is font 21 on our neon sign generator. White neon signs and Pink neon signs are also well liked colour choices. If you've seen a font that you like but we don't have it on our generator, please contact us on our custom page and we will do our best to draw up your design from scratch. 

If your worried about your sign being too bright for the room then don't forget all of our signs come with a free remote and dimmer so you can tone the light down to your liking! 


Thanks Hadley for the pics! x


Little girl with bows in her hair sitting on a stool smiling and laughing, against a white wall with a pink neon sign of her personalised nameLittle toddler girl with bows her in hair standing up on a fluffy stool smiling, against a white wall. Her bedroom wall has a pink neon sign of her name that says HadleyA little girl doll is sitting on a white fluffy stool with a bow in her hair, in a white bedroom. On the white bedroom wall is a hot pink neon sign that says Hadley.

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