Instagram Business Hacks: How To Generate Growth Using Neon Signs

Organisations are increasingly using eye-catching signs, bold colours, and murals to encourage customers to generate free publicity for them on social media. People take photos of visually appealing places and share them on Instagram and other platforms.


Research has shown that 75% of restaurant users have chosen somewhere to eat based on shared food photos. By creating a visually appealing space using neon LED signs, businesses can encourage customers to take pictures and post about them, generating free publicity and marketing for the company.


This can be a powerful way to generate more business, especially for millennial customers who are active on social media.


Let's look at some hacks for your business to get more out of Instagram.

4 Instagram Growth Hacks For Your Business

Here are four ways you can use Instagram to generate more business:

Create A Unique Branding

Neon sign lights are a popular form of decorative lighting that can add personality and atmosphere to any space. Neon LED signs are perfect for photo opportunities, as they are eye-catching and add extra light to highlight certain aspects of the location.


Businesses often use neon signs with catchy phrases as 'Instagram bait' to encourage customers to take photos and generate social media buzz. Neon lights can also illuminate branding and exhibit images and symbols.


A well-placed neon sign can be a powerful marketing tool, drawing customers in and providing an added experience that they will remember and share with others.


Use Instagram SEO

It is important to use Instagram SEO to help people find your account and follow you. It can be achieved by using keywords that are associated with your business.


If you optimise your account well, it's more likely to be featured in the Search and Explore features, allowing new users to discover you.


Additionally, it is helpful to promote your Instagram account on other platforms such as your website or email. By taking these steps, you can increase your chances of growing your Instagram following.

Easily Shareable Graphics

One way to get people to engage with your content more is by giving them something noteworthy to share with their friends. If your followers share your posts, their friends may also share them, leading to more followers and significant engagement with your content.


Make sure your logo or username is on the graphic in case people share it without tagging you or linking back to you. You can be creative with what you share, such as statistics or infographics designed in an eye-catching way.


It will get people to post your content on their Instagram Stories or Feeds.

Automate Your Engagement

One way to increase your engagement is by automating some of your tasks. It can be done through apps or bots that help you like, comment, and follow other accounts.


Automating your engagement can help you save time while still getting the desired results. Additionally, it can help you target specific hashtags or accounts relevant to your business. Just be sure not to overdo it, as too much automation can flag your account as spam.

Wrap Up!

That's it for this guide! Hopefully, these tips will help you get more out of your Instagram account and help you increase your reach, engagement, and overall success on the platform. So what are you waiting for? Start using these hacks today and see the results for yourself!


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