6 Creative Ways to Incorporate Neon Signs into Your Wedding

6 Creative Ways to Incorporate Neon Signs into Your Wedding

Make your special day one to remember with neon wedding signs! Get ready to shed some light on the night with these seven creative ideas for incorporating dazzling neon signs into your decorations. From bold backdrops to beautiful lights and everything in between, adding a few special details can really help set the tone of your wedding.

Create a Photobooth Backdrop.

Create a beautiful, one-of-a-kind photobooth backdrop with neon signs! Choose a sign in your preferred font, size, and colour and have it custom made for eye catching photos. You can play around with the design to ensure that it reflects your unique style and wedding theme. Be sure to have plenty of props on hand to make each photo even more fun and memorable!


Personalise Neon Signs with Quotes or Song Lyrics.

You can use neon signs to make all your creative ideas come alive! Personalise a sign with one of your favourite quotes, song lyrics, or any meaningful phrase that resonates with you and your partner. This is a great way to share something special between the two of you on such an important day. Customise the design even further by using different fonts and colours.

Light Up Props for Fun Photos.

Neon lights make for unique props to add to your wedding’s pictures. Place the neon signs on a fun backdrop and pose the couple in front of it. Guests can also join in on the fun by writing short messages with colourful markers on differently styled signs.

Transform Your Venue with Wall-Size Murals and Graphics.

Use your neon signs to create an immersive experience by transforming your walls with wall-size murals or graphics. You can choose a design that best suits your wedding theme, and it will add character and flair to the venue's atmosphere. Opt for large, eye-catching designs, such as bright animals and plants or elegant geometric patterns. Neon signs are sure to make your photos shine amongst the crowd.

Upgrade Your Dance Floor with Neon Signs.

Brighten up the dance floor with your very own personalised neon sign. This is an easy and fun way to incorporate your personality into your special day. Use the signs to display your name, wedding date, miscellaneous decorations, or meaningful quotes that reflect the bond you share with your partner. From modern electric lettering to retro-inspired designs, you can find options that suit any wedding theme.

Choose a font that reflects the theme of your wedding

The Newbys are massive Star Wars fans and these guys opted for a Star Wars themed font to reflect their personalities at their wedding. This came out awesome and we love it!



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